Herbal Blend Plus.

 Herbal Blend icon Essence Complex brings individuals and distributors fascinating ways to enjoy natural herbs with our special pharmakon knowing and their healthy applications,especially for those aporias.

 Herbal Blend Plus We are very strong in herbal science and contract-supplying of these fascinating Essense Complex,the state of related products are fine powders pass screen size 80 mesh,with good mobility and easy to be packed into teas and other convenient supplement forms,proper aluminum foil bag packing provide convenience for storage.

 Libideros Michael and the Team are the herbalists who ever formulated many fashionable things got sold under different brand names at north america market and other areas (some of them publicly known at north america shops such like SuperErectionStrongPlus,Erexium,Erexium TM,Hair4Life,Slim-Curves,4NowFull,Anti-Cellulite,Les-Friend,Attraxium,BraFix,etc).

 We are the proto-type(both classical and advanced level) Essence Complex or Mother-Powder supplier of some marketing companies,Commercial quantity available from drums to tons,whole yearly processable.

 NaturalSlim Our latest version adjustable proto blend with equilibrating mechanism which supported via the transformable Matrix,togethor with the qualified 100% natural materials strong fresh potency and stable batch,will bring cooperators good benefit and minimize the increasing risks of unbearable cost rising for certain raw materials,individual clients will unwilling to part with them for their amazing effects,these approved all by clients who tried ever,for example:repacked products made from our Libideros will make a middle aged man feels morning erection once again in 2 to 3 weeks! repacked products made from our HairElixir will make a middle age bald man or women stop hairloss in 2 to 4 weeks,and recover new hair growth in 2 to 6 months.We garauntee they works for the majority of the related cases,but not for all or 100%.

  icon LibidEros  LibidEros is a Supreme Natural blend composed of 100% Herbal things,it dramatically brings a man more libido,but unfortunately it can not give any guidance to a man how to use his libido.

  icon Libidinus  LibidInus (in developing) is a Supreme Natural blend composed of 100% Herbal things,it dramatically decrease and minimize a man's libido!

  icon NSlim  NSlim is a pure Natural blend composed of 100% Herbal things,it works quickly to inhibit or reverse the hunger sensations,brings less calory intake and works for fat people and fitness enthusiasts!

  icon HairElixir-AA  HairElixir-AA is a fantastic Natural blend composed of 100% Herbal essence,it brings easiness for who suffering problems from Androgenetic Alopecia,which means hair loss problems,it works with a sophisticated supplemental way to address both the symptoms and root cause,its pharmaceutical mechanism works smoothly to adjust reverse and relieve biological pathological factors which caused related hairloss symptoms,it works to stop further hairloss in several weeks to 2 months,and it could boost new hair regrowth for those who already bald in 2 to 6 months.

 HairElixir-AA works strongly help to relieve those who suffering symptoms majorly caused by reasons boundled with Male Androgenetic Alopecia,it helps but works less stronger for those who suffering symptoms caused by reasons boundled with Female Androgenetic Alopecia.

 Whether HairElixir-AA works for Alopecia Areata and Scarring Alopecias,Not tested! And it definitely Not works for hairloss caused by Non-biological factors,definitely do Not works(has No any effect) for hairloss caused by genetic reasons.

  icon AdaptogenX  AdaptogenX is a Natural blend composed of 100% Herbal things,it brings less anxious, less easily swayed by the stress of everyday life, and more in tune with your body.It help you fight against depression and stress!

  icon NextStation  NextStation is a Natural blend composed of 100% Herbal things,it makes a person relief from emotional suffering,help relieve physiological symptoms from emotional trauma and lovesickness!

  icon Hercules  Hercules is a Natural blend composed of 100% Herbal things,it designed for those boxing fans and Kung Fu enthusiast,help grow muscles and strong bones,increase mind alertness,reaction quick,more agility!

  icon KittenX  KittenX (in developing) is a Natural blend composed of 100%Herbal essence,it designed for felines(normally a kitten or a cat),boosting a kitten's mind alertness and increase a kitten's physical performance!

  icon BirdyVivy  BirdyVivy (in developing) is a Natural blend composed of 100%Herbal essence,it designed for those bird fans(a Psittacidae or parrots,pigeons and finches),bring more exciting vivid activities and boost a bird's metabolism system!

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